for the first time I really noticed the colors in the sky tonight and every single fucking existing thing on and about the earth has literally the perfect color scheme every time, every where.
words have colors
shapes have colors
tastes and smells have colors

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What you see here is the classic self depreciating “nice guy” how dare a woman and her friends dress up all nice and go out to have fun with their friends without giving you, a complete stranger, any play. How dare women dress up and have a good time for themselves and not dress up and slink around for your enjoyment. “Its to feel fucking superior” Well I know its surprising, but chicks don’t always go out clubbing in the hopes of getting sexual action. Maybe they are not attracted to the opposite sex? But that doesn’t matter to you because you think that if you go up to a woman and ask her to dance like “a gentleman” then she is required to grind on you like there is no tomorrow. 

valid reasons for a woman to dress up and go out but reject you:

1. She already has a partner, and just wants to have fun with her friends.

2. She just broke up with her partner and doesn’t want to meet anyone right now.

3. She’s lesbian, asexual, or otherwise not attracted to men.

4. She enjoys fucking random strangers, but not you.

5. She enjoys meeting new people, but you’re a total creep.

6. Literally anything else.

Plus, just think about the reasoning on display in that image. The fact that she spent a lot of money on her outfit and makeup establishes that she owes you something? That’s like arguing that an artist ought to pay you because you looked at her work. It’s Bizarro World logic. I’m not being hyperbolic there; that is literally how logic works on Bizarro World.

The fact that men think women get dolled up only to attract their attention is such nonsense.  Like ever heard of homosocial bonding?  What about homosocial status seeking?  Like crushing a beer can on your head isn’t generally going to impress ladies but you do it to get status with your dude friends.

also isn’t that Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and possibly Selena Gomez?

Why the fuck would they want to dance with you


almost as disappointing as dry heaves

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  • write down your goals  
  • read them every day
  • keep them on your mind
  • break them down
  • take steps to accomplish them 
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I have a typewriter, but
I don’t know how to
write a word that doesn’t
come to me in your
voice, making me feel
almost as guilty as I
do for never keeping in
touch, for rushing past the
brush of your fingers around my
throat telling me I don’t
get to fucking walk

I miss all the strength I


Bad boy you can’t be
broken, all the windowpanes you
shattered left ears on the
ground and Jess’s were so
confused. I guess having
deadly fingers is a talent
not to wasted because with
architect patience you can
build a puzzle and slowly start
taking pieces before she
notices. Blink…


This is for all the times
shaking leaves felt like your
bones against the weight of
carrying all that tension in your
shoulders, for putting all those memories
away to push your spine closer together

(I guess some things were never
meant to fit just right, it’s
a decision I


I pause where I am for a second when I hear your name

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just gonna say this: if someone has social anxiety and they ask you something akin to ‘are you mad at me’ or ‘do you hate me’, it isn’t because they don’t trust you, it’s because their brain literally tells them that all the time

it’s not a personal slight, it’s insecurity caused by mental illness